Top Tips for Choosing a Dentist

Posted on: 21 October 2020

Most people experience difficulties when looking for a dentist that understands their needs. Read this excerpt for some expert tips on the various considerations you should make when choosing a dentist.

Know Your Needs

Your needs will determine what kind of dentist you should hire. For instance, a general dentist will conduct routine tooth care practices such as tooth extraction, oral fillings, root canals and general dental hygiene. A dental surgeon will perform complex tasks such as dental reconstructive surgery, installation of implants and removal of oral tumours. On the other hand, an orthodontist will help correct your bite and align your teeth. 


Check the dentist's licence to understand his or her speciality. Additionally, interview some of the dentist's clients or check internet reviews to assess the dentist's experience. Dentists that are affiliated to professional associations will abide by a strict code of conduct. As such, you will receive high-quality services from these professionals.

Dental Clinic Services

Check the services provided by the dental clinic. For example, some dentists will provide home care services to critically ill or disabled patients. Dentists that open their clinics during the weekend and past working hours are ideal for dental emergencies such as cracked teeth, infections and gum abscess. Some dentists will provide remote services to their clients. For instance, the dentist could send regular newsletters to encourage clients to observe dental hygiene. Others can give remote consultation for minor issues such as tooth sensitivity, maintenance of braces, Invisalign or ClearCorrect. 


Dentists will have varying price strategies. For example, a reputable dentist with years of experience could charge more than one who recently graduated. As such, you should compare the prices of a few dentists vis-à-vis the quality of services they provide to know which dentist you should work with. Some dental clinics will offer bulk billing services to ensure clients enjoy the full benefits of their health insurance. However, remember to check the terms of your insurance policy since it may not cover all types of dental procedures.

Terms and Conditions

Check the terms of your dentist. For instance, is it possible to make appointments via phone or email? It is a suitable option for clients with a busy schedule. What would happen if you developed complications due to a procedure performed at the dentist's clinic? Reputable dentists will have professional liability insurance to cover unforeseeable events caused by the dentist's negligence. 

When choosing a dentist, examine your needs, the dentist's experience, services provided, pricing, terms and conditions.