All About Hydrogen Peroxide Toothpaste

Posted on: 8 July 2015

If you want a bright, white Hollywood smile, but can't afford expensive cosmetic whitening treatments, you may be considering using hydrogen peroxide toothpaste instead.  But does it work, and is it safe to use?

Here's a concise guide to hydrogen peroxide toothpaste to help you decide if this cheaper, over-the-counter option is the right way to go for you.

How does hydrogen peroxide toothpaste work?

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly-used as a bleaching agent.  It's found in small quantities in many everyday products from hair colourants to spot creams.  In combination with a mild abrasive substance, hydrogen peroxide is now included in whitening toothpaste.

This formula works by polishing your teeth, whilst gently bleaching the enamel.  The result is lovely, shiny, clean, stain-free teeth. 

Why choose a hydrogen peroxide whitening toothpaste?

Your teeth are exposed on a daily basis to foods and drinks that stain the enamel.  Some of these extrinsic stains become so deeply ingrained that ordinary toothpaste just won't get rid of them.  Daily use of a hydrogen peroxide whitening toothpaste will gradually shift even stubborn stains.

Unlike stand-alone whitening products, such as a light, a whitening pen or bleaching strips, whitening toothpaste will also clean your teeth.  Teeth that are free of plaque and bacteria are less likely to become stained, and keeping your teeth clean means healthy gums and fewer cavities too.

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatments can be expensive.  In addition, several repeat visits to the clinic are usually required to complete the treatment.  Home treatments are available, but these can be messy and some involve the use of harsher bleaching agents.  Both clinical and home treatments are not permanent, and they will require topping-up on a fairly regular basis.  In comparison, hydrogen peroxide toothpaste is a relatively inexpensive option, designed for daily use as a gentle, ongoing stain removal treatment.

Is hydrogen peroxide safe to use?  

When used properly, and in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines printed on the packaging, hydrogen peroxide toothpaste is perfectly safe for adults to use.  However, the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry does not recommend the use of whitening products, including toothpaste, for children.  This is because the enamel on baby teeth is much more fragile than that of adult teeth, and abrasive, bleaching products could cause damage.

The only notable side effect of using hydrogen peroxide toothpaste is increased sensitivity to hot and cold.  However, whitening toothpastes specifically designed for use on sensitive teeth are available.  Your dentist will be able to advise you on what products might suit you best.

Talk with a dentist at a clinic like Revesby Dental Centre to learn if professional teeth whitening could better suit you or if a certain hydrogen peroxide toothpaste will work better than another.