• 5 Causes of Bad Breath in Kids

    Bad breath isn't a problem that people often associate with children, but some kids suffer from this embarrassing condition. Here are a few possible causes for your little one's stinky breath, along with tips for fixing it. 1. Inadequate Oral Hygiene Habits When your child is young enough for you to brush and floss their teeth for them, it is easy to be sure that their mouth is getting a thorough clean every time.
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  • A Few Things to Take Note of When Deliberating About Dental Veneers

    Imperfections on your teeth, whether minor or severe, can have a significant impact on your confidence. Chips, staining, fluorosis and even misalignment have a dramatic effect on your smile and this, in turn, can make you feel too shy to interact with strangers, speak publicly and so on. If your job requires you to engage in these tasks, for example, if you work in sales, your teeth can affect your livelihood, as you are unable to reach your potential.
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  • 3 Tooth Whitening Myths

    Tooth whitening is a safe and popular dental procedure. However, many myths surround it, which are cleared up in the article below. Read on to tackle three of the biggest myths around tooth whitening so you can make the treatment decisions that are right for you. 1. Is Tooth Whitening Bad For Your Teeth? Many people worry that tooth whitening strips away or weakens dental enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable to decay.
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