Alternative Dental Health versus Conventional Dentistry


Cement Retained Vs Screw Retained Dental Implants

Dental implants can be secured using a screw (screw-retained implants) or they can be secured using cement (cement-retained implants). Which option is better for you after you have lost a tooth? This article compares the two implant-retention methods on several aspects. Use this information to select the retention method that is best suited to you. […]

How to Deal with Broken Dental Crowns

While dental crowns are tough, unfortunately, it isn’t impossible to damage them. Eating hard foods or constantly grinding your teeth can cause them to crack. While a cracked or loose dental crown doesn’t present a serious problem, the exposed tooth could become sensitive and cause discomfort and pain. Below is a guide to the steps […]

6 Ways to Keep Toothache From Driving You Crazy

The pain caused by toothache can be extreme. After you have called an emergency dentist, you might be left waiting hours or even days for an urgent appointment. During this time, the pain of a toothache can leave you feeling miserable and unable to concentrate on your work. Use these tips to safely relieve your […]

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Preventative dentistry is the best approach for maintaining your oral health. With just a few minutes a day, you can reduce the likelihood of developing everything from bad breath to gum disease and gingivitis. There are many products on the market aimed at whitening teeth and freshening breath; however, the most important aspect of any […]

Demineralisation: What You Need To Know

Enamel is the substance which forms the outer layer of your teeth. It helps to protect the sensitive tissues and pulp which form the inner part of each tooth. The minerals from which enamel is formed help to create a very resilient barrier. However, enamel is susceptible to progressive demineralisation. Demineralisation is the first step […]

Dental Care and Your ADHD Child

If you have a child with ADD or ADHD, there are no doubt many challenges in your everyday life that you have to face head on. A common challenge is convincing your ADD/ADHD child of the importance of taking care of his or her teeth. Indeed, a 2007 study found that children with ADHD were […]

4 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are just one type of dental implants available for patients. They give patients the chance to improve their smile, getting back something they lost maybe due to poor oral hygiene or mouth trauma. Not everyone will be suitable for the veneers. Here are four signs that make you a good candidate. Your Teeth […]

2 Social Places To Avoid After Laser Tooth Whitening

Patients often have to part with relatively huge sums of money for laser tooth whitening. In a large number of cases, such patients are often more than satisfied with the end result of this cosmetic dental procedure. With this in mind, it is important for patients who’ve had their teeth whitened to understand what it […]