Care Tips for Invisalign Braces

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Braces are designed to help you straighten your teeth and perfect your smile. Your smile is one of the first things that other people notice about you, which makes it important to take the necessary steps to correct any imperfections regarding the alignment of your teeth. Invisalign braces are a type of realigning system that is designed to be clear. This means that you can use Invisalign braces to correct your smile discretely at any age without the use of traditional metal braces. The Invisalign system is unique because it can be removed from your mouth. These type of braces are more expensive, which makes it even more essential that you follow specialised care tips.

Remove When Eating

There are no restrictions on the foods that you can eat when you are using the Invisalign system to correct your teeth. However, it is essential that you always remember to remove your Invisalign braces before each meal. These clear aligners need to be taken out in advance of every meal. It is even recommended that you remove them when you are drinking any liquids besides water. Rinsing before you place this aligner back into your mouth after eating is key. Rinsing with at least water is the only way to make sure all food particles are removed from the spaces within your teeth.


It is possible for your Invisalign aligner to begin developing a type of calcium build up overtime. This will normally look like a type of cloudy build up on the plastic. Removing this calcium build up is not always possible with just the use of water alone. You will most likely need to soak your Invisalign aligner in a cleaning solution specifically designed for use with dentures or Invisalign braces. It is important that you follow all directions associated with the soaking solution to make sure that you do not over soak your braces. This could result in the plastic dissolving in some way. Never try soaking your Invisalign braces with mouthwash, because the pigment within the mouthwash will most likely stain the clear plastic of the aligner.

Sleep With Aligner

You will not cause damage to your Invisalign braces by sleeping with them on. In fact, it is actually recommended that you sleep with this type of aligner in. You are supposed to where Invisalign braces for as many hours throughout the day and night as possible. This means that they should only be removed for eating and cleaning purposes to allow for best straightening results.