4 Signs You're a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

Posted on: 6 June 2016

Dental veneers are just one type of dental implants available for patients. They give patients the chance to improve their smile, getting back something they lost maybe due to poor oral hygiene or mouth trauma. Not everyone will be suitable for the veneers. Here are four signs that make you a good candidate.

Your Teeth Are Straight 

They don't need to be perfect, but having moderately straight teeth will make you more suitable for this type of dental implants. Veneers are porcelain implants, which sit over your natural teeth. If your teeth are misaligned or overly crooked, the material can crack and leave an unsightly look. When your teeth are mild crooked, your smile can be improved with veneers.

You Don't Grind Your Teeth

If you're a teeth grinder, whether consciously or subconscious, you'll not be a good candidate for this cosmetic work. The porcelain can be chipped or worn away easily from grinding. The same applies if you clench your teeth a lot, or if you use your teeth to open things or bite your nails. These are habits to get out of as soon as possible, as they are harming your oral health.

Your Enamel Hasn't Worn Away Too Much

This type of dental implant relies on the enamel on your tooth. The porcelain sticks to it, but dentists need to remove some to make room for the implant. You'll need plenty to allow for this, otherwise the veneers will fall out. Your overall oral health will need to be relatively good, too. Signs of tooth decay or gum disease will affect the quality of your veneers.

Your Dental Hygiene Is Good

This is not a replacement for good dental hygiene. Your veneers will go over the top of your teeth, so poor oral hygiene will lead to your new perfect smile being damaged. Good hygiene involves brushing and flossing twice a day and sticking to your routine checks. It is possible for veneers to last a lifetime, as long as they are cared for fully.

Getting that perfect smile is something you can get with cosmetic help. Dental veneers are just one option available that you may be the perfect candidate to have. A dentist will consider your oral health, as well as the shape of your teeth and amount of tooth enamel you currently have. There are many different dental implants and you will get your perfect smile with one type of them.