The Organic, Metal-Free Approach: Zirconia and Why It's a Suitable Dental Implant Material

Posted on: 11 September 2017

Zirconia – the ''all ceramic'' dental implant – represents the new era of dental implantology. Zirconia implants serve as an alternative to titanium implants for patients who prefer a metal-free solution to replace missing teeth.

Zirconia dental implants also make a great choice if you have metal allergies and may experience problems with titanium. If you are considering dental implants, here are a few reasons why you might want to choose the zirconia implants:


Aesthetics is a common problem that arises with some titanium implants. Patients who are prone to gum recession or with thin gums can end up with gray gums or titanium dental implants showing around the interface of the gum.

Zirconia dental implants provide a more natural look since zirconia is white and non-metallic. This means there will be no graying of the gum or metal showing around the gum margin.

Allergies and sensitivities

There is a growing number of people with allergies and sensitivities attributed to metal intolerance. This means such patients have experienced unsatisfactory results in treatment therapies that use metal including dental implants.

Unlike the case with metal implants, zirconia dental implants hypoallergenic, making them ideal for people with sensitivity and allergy issue.


Zirconia implants are incredibly strong and durable, which makes for long-term success. These dental implants are designed to withstand tremendous chewing forces and are well known for inflexibility under pressure and superior strength. These are excellent combination of traits for dental implants to possess.

Simple design

Unlike traditional titanium dental implant systems that consist of two metal pieces, zirconia implants are made of a simple, one-piece design that eliminates the possibility of movement (which can occur with titanium dental implant) when put under extreme pressure.

This simple design guarantees no shifting after dental implantation hence reducing the occurrence of an infection.

Corrosion resistance

Zirconia is a bioinert material, meaning it's resistant to corrosion, it's guaranteed never to trigger a chemical reaction, and it does not conduct heat or electricity.

However, these concerns can be an issue with titanium dental implants which are known to corrode when in a wet environment such as a mouth.


Zirconia dental implant patients enjoy a shorter implant process along with greater function and comfort after surgery due to the strength of zirconia.

One stage surgery

Zirconia dental implants are designed for immediate placement following a tooth extraction. This surgical approach reduces the amount of time it takes to place the implant thus maximising the comfort of the patient.

Furthermore, a less invasive surgery is possible with zirconia dental implants, which translates into a shorter recovery time.