Two Halves Don't Make a Bite: What to do When Your Dentures Break in Two

Posted on: 24 October 2017

When it comes to taking care of your dentures, much like your natural teeth, if you take care of them, they can last for many years. Dentists recommend that patients replace their dentures every 5-8 years but it is not unheard of for patients to wear the same set of dentures for a decade or two.

Unfortunately, accidents happen and wear and tear takes its toll causing some dentures to break--often at the most embarrassing moments. Replacing a lost tooth here and there is relatively simple. However, when a denture breaks down the middle, DIY repair won't last very long at all so you should contact your dentist to have professional denture repairs.

If your denture has split into two halves, don't panic. Take the following steps.

Buy a Denture Repair Kit

Once a denture plate breaks in half, any DIY repair that you carry out yourself will only ever be temporary. The chewing forces will eventually cause the denture to break into two again. However, if you are unable to get to your dentist, purchase a denture repair kit from a pharmacy near you.

This will help tide you over until you can have your denture repaired professionally.

Work out Why the Denture Snapped in Two

If your denture broke due to an accident, then you can skip this step. However, if your denture broke while you were eating or speaking, then you should try to identify the cause. Doing so will help you to decide whether to repair or to replace your denture. Is your denture over a decade old? If so, then the cause is probably wear and tear and replacement would be a better and more cost effective solution.

Another common cause of mid-line fractures is gum shrinkage caused by resorption of the alveolar ridge. This shrinkage causes dentures to no longer fit as they used to and places pressure on certain points of the denture. In this case, your denture doesn't just require repair. It also needs to be relined in order to fit more comfortably and reduce the pressure on the centre.

Have Your Dentist Send the Dentures to a Lab

If your dentures are still just a few years old and in good condition, have your dentist send them to a denture lab for repair. A laboratory has all the tools necessary to repair a denture that has broken in half. A metal web will be fitted to the two halves and acrylic will be added on top and left to dry.

If finances permit, you should have a second denture made just in case. It might save you the bother of having to wait several days for your denture to be repaired.