Advice on Dealing With a Lost Tooth

Posted on: 23 October 2019

People need emergency dental services for all sorts of reasons. You might need to call on a dentist to sort out a problem like severe toothache which is not going away and causing you extreme distress, for instance. There again, some people need an emergency dentist because they have an abscess in their mouth which has burst or looks like it might to do so soon. However, one of the most common reasons that people call on emergency dental services is because they have a tooth which has fallen out. What should you do in such circumstances?

Locate the Lost Tooth

Firstly, it is important to try and save the tooth which has fallen out of your mouth. If you have a tooth which has come away from the gum because it is already severely decayed, then it is going to be almost impossible to have it re-implanted for you by a dentist. Equally, a milk tooth which is lost quite naturally has no need to be re-fitted. That said, if your jaw has suffered from some form of trauma which has knocked the tooth free, then it can be saved. The first thing to do is to locate it, something that is easier said than done if it has fallen to the floor. Be careful where you step so you don't tread on it!

Handle With Care

When you locate your missing tooth, it is important to handle it as little as possible. Any touching can cause it to deteriorate. If you do need to handle it to pick it up, then try to touch it only from the upper part of the tooth. The root of the tooth is much more sensitive, and you should avoid any contact with this area if at all possible. Ideally, you won't touch the tooth at all but pick it up with a tissue or a handkerchief.

Clean Your Tooth

The next thing to do is to clean the tooth so that any obvious marks are removed. Teeth that fall onto the ground can pick up mud and grime which is not good for them while you await your emergency dental appointment. Run the tooth under the tap so that any debris on it falls away but avoid scrubbing it since this can cause more damage.

Transport Your Tooth to the Dentist

Once your tooth has been found and cleaned, the best place for it to go is back into its socket. Unless your mouth has swollen up due to the injury it suffered, you should be able to pop it back into the gum line. Don't waggle it around with your tongue but leave it there until your dentist can't get to work. In cases where this is impossible, it is best to wrap your tooth up in a damp cloth and to take it with you to your dentist rather than keep it in your mouth.

Look for an emergency dental service near you for more information.