How Quickly Can I Get a Dental Veneer for My Broken Tooth?

Posted on: 25 November 2019

Have you broken a tooth? Is the quality of your smile something that you can't afford to compromise right now? Then a single porcelain veneer can help to fix your broken tooth so you can smile with confidence again. However, because porcelain veneers take time to create, you won't be able to cover your broken tooth with one immediately. Fortunately, there is a temporary solution.

Your Dentist Can Create a Temporary Veneer

To create a porcelain veneer for your broken tooth, a cosmetic dentist first needs to examine your broken tooth and the surrounding teeth. This helps them to plan your treatment according to your specific dental attributes, such as tooth colour, size and shape. Once they have done that, their ceramist will begin to create your veneer in their lab. The entire process takes about 2–4 weeks.

Obviously, this might be too long for most people, especially if the broken tooth is visible when they smile. But to remedy this, your dentist will place a temporary veneer over your broken tooth. Temporary veneers are made of acrylic, and while not designed to last very long, can at least cover your broken tooth until your porcelain veneer is ready.

Your Temporary Veneer Has a Few Limitations

Although temporary veneers are obviously more attractive than broken teeth, they do have several limitations that you should bear in mind while wearing one. For instance, temporary veneers are:

  • Not the same shade as your natural teeth.
  • Not as strong as permanent veneers, so you should avoid eating hard or sticky foods.
  • Not always the same shape as your other teeth.
  • Not as stain-resistant as porcelain veneers, so you should avoid things like coffee and red pasta sauce as much as possible.

As long as you remember these limitations while wearing your temporary veneer, you can learn to get the best out of it until your permanent veneer is ready for placement. Moreover, while wearing your temporary veneer, you will likely experience sensitivity when drinking hot and cold drinks. This is normal since the bond between your temporary veneer and the broken tooth is weak.

Once your dentist places the permanent veneer, sensitivity should no longer be an issue.

If you have broken a tooth and need a fast and aesthetic solution, ask your dentist to place a temporary veneer on your tooth during the initial consultation. Although it won't be anywhere near as beautiful or functional as the permanent veneer, it will allow you to smile without showing off your newly broken tooth. Speak to a cosmetic dentist to learn more.