5 Reasons to Whiten Your Teeth With a Dentist

Posted on: 21 September 2021

You can whiten your teeth at home, but are you sure that is the right approach for you? For some people, at-home whitening can be ineffective or even painful. And if you have little experience with teeth whitening, you can learn a lot from just from one whitening session with a dentist.

Here are six good reasons to consider whitening your teeth with a dentist.

1. You need to whiten your teeth quickly

If you want to whiten your teeth for an upcoming social engagement, like a wedding, graduation ceremony or big birthday party, you may not have time to spend whitening your teeth. At home, you could take weeks or longer to achieve the shade of white you desire.

The average whitening session with a dentist usually takes no more than an hour. This is useful if you don't have very long to spend on teeth whitening.

2. You want great results in short time

Great results are important too. A dentist with teeth whitening training can whiten your teeth to a high degree in a short time. This is because dentists have the right tools and the right training. For instance, dentists know how to use UV light to speed up the activation of the whitening bleach as it penetrates your tooth enamel. In comparison, at-home whitening is much slower.

3. You suffer from sensitive teeth and gums

If sensitive teeth and gums are an issue that you suffer with, you might struggle to whiten your teeth at home. As you whiten you teeth, you need to protect your teeth and gums from the bleaching solution. If you expose your gums to whitening gel, you could damage them and cause pain and sensitivity. The same is true if you expose your teeth to whitening gel for too long.

Dentists can protect your gums from whitening gel. They also know how long they can whiten your teeth for safely. This is important, since some people have very thin enamel.

4. You have a lot of fillings or crowns

You can't whiten fillings or crowns. Fillings and crowns may also make wearing an over-the-counter whitening tray difficult and clumsy. At a dental office, you can plan with your dentist to replace crowns and fillings later so that they match the shade of your whitened teeth. And you won't need to worry about wearing an ill-fitting whitening tray with in-office teeth whitening.

5. You have very little knowledge of teeth whitening

Besides the fast, safe and effective treatment that you can get with a dentist, you can also gain substantial knowledge when you whiten your teeth with a dentist. The knowledge that a dentist can provide you will help you to make the right decisions when you decide to whiten your teeth again in future.

Contact a dentist who offers teeth whitening services to learn more.