Reasons to See a Dentist More Often as You Get Older

Posted on: 8 November 2021

Dental care should begin when one is young and continue well into old age. As you age, you should see a dentist more often, and this article highlights the reasons.   

Prevent Bone Tissue Loss

One of the most abundant minerals in bone tissue is calcium. Typically, the amount of calcium in the body tends to diminish as you age. It happens because the body reabsorbs calcium from the bones instead of keeping it in the tissues. Although you can eat calcium-rich foods to maintain calcium levels in the bones, dietary changes make it challenging during old age. Since your teeth and jaws are made of bone tissue, the chances are high that you will suffer tooth loss when the jaws can no longer hold your teeth. Therefore, seeing a dentist frequently as you approach old age helps determine the strength of your jaws and teeth. Notably, dentists can recommend corrective treatment in good time. For instance, a dentist can prescribe supplements to help replenish calcium loss in the jaws.   

Start a New Journey

Typically, old age in most countries starts at 60. It signifies the end of a long industrious life for most people, and they can do very little to enhance their lifestyle. Thus, most senior citizens do not bother with dental care since they do not see any benefits. Well, the truth is that turning 60 does not need to signify the beginning of the end of your industrious life. The fact is that you can still do many things beyond 60 years to enhance your senior life, including starting a business, building new relationships, and finding new hobbies. Seeing a dentist makes everything possible because healthy teeth and an attractive smile build confidence and self-esteem.  

Enjoy Your Favourite Foods

Australian households are fast becoming multigenerational homes where grandparents, parents, and children live in the same property. In most cases, the grandparents eat different foods from the rest of the family to protect their fragile teeth and gums. Although most seniors get used to it, they would give anything to eat their favourite food without worrying about damaging their dentures or breaking their natural teeth. Seeing a dentist often as you approach old age helps keep your pearly whites strong and healthy, allowing you to continue eating your favourite meals. 

No matter your current age, you need to see a dentist regularly. To schedule an appointment, contact a dental clinic in your area.