How to Prevent Gum Disease

Posted on: 29 August 2016

Preventative dentistry is the best approach for maintaining your oral health. With just a few minutes a day, you can reduce the likelihood of developing everything from bad breath to gum disease and gingivitis. There are many products on the market aimed at whitening teeth and freshening breath; however, the most important aspect of any good brushing routine should be the use of a product that actively kills bacteria and prevents it from building up on the teeth and gums.
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Perfecting That Smile | Leading Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on: 16 August 2016

Believe it or not, cosmetic dentistry has been around for millennia. Dentures were crafted out of animal teeth as far back as 700 B.C. Your smile is an important part of your personality. Other than being a powerful cosmetic enhancement, a perfect white smile leaves a dazzle and a lasting impression on everyone you come across. Thinking of creating the perfect diamond smile with your teeth straight and white? Here are some few cosmetic dentistry trends to enlighten you on the options available to improve your look.
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Does Your Grandad Want You To Clean His Dentures? A Guide on How To Do It

Posted on: 11 July 2016

If you take care of a grandparent, whether it be one living with you or one that you're asked to help out with from time to time, the rewards for your good deeds are obvious when you see a smile on your grandparent's face. However, some tasks are more fun than others, and being asked to clean anything that belongs to a grandparent is probably on the bottom of your list of tasks to perform.
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Demineralisation: What You Need To Know

Posted on: 8 July 2016

Enamel is the substance which forms the outer layer of your teeth. It helps to protect the sensitive tissues and pulp which form the inner part of each tooth. The minerals from which enamel is formed help to create a very resilient barrier. However, enamel is susceptible to progressive demineralisation. Demineralisation is the first step towards the formation of a cavity in the tooth. Below is a brief guide to the causes of demineralisation, its impact upon your dental health and the treatment options available to combat it.
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